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Follow along with our team as we spread the word about the Digital Fieldwork project! This page describes outreach team members do, ranging from events and appearances to publications to podcast features. Any upcoming events will always be at the top of the page, so check back often.
A roundtable at the Latin American Studies Association Annual Congress

May 2022

Alison Post (UC Berkeley), Jessica Rich (Marquette), Brian Palmer-Rubin (Marquette) and Jennifer Cyr (DiTella, Buenos Aires, Argentina) gathered for a roundtable (chaired by Diana Kapiszewski) to share insights on new strategies for conducting digital fieldwork and integrating digital and traditional fieldwork.
Midwest Political Science Association meetings

April 2022

Two members of the Digital Fieldwork team presented key activities and insights from the Digital Fieldwork website at a Panel on Qualitative methods for the MPSA annual meetings. 

A virtual talk at the University of Minnesota
Powerpoint slide on Digital Fieldwork

March 2022

Lauren MacLean gave a virtual talk on digital fieldwork to the Department of Political Science Methods Colloquium, attended by graduate students and faculty.

A discussion with an Indiana University course

February 2022

Our team joined the Qualitative Research Methods in Communication course at Indiana University taught by Professor Esi Thompson. The students had excellent questions about how to engage in digital fieldwork.

November 2021 

The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly disrupted the conduct of field research. Yet, fieldwork has been, and will continue to be, out-of-reach for many scholars around the world. This roundtable considers the ways that scholars engage in so-called “Digital Fieldwork” and highlights a new website that collects these resources.

An interview with the #AsiaNow blog

October 2021

Maura Elizabeth Cunningham, from the #AsiaNow blog, interviewed Lahra Smith about the Digital Fieldwork project. Read the blog post here.

A “Table” at the APSA Methods Café

October 2021

Lahra and Lauren hosted a “table” at the 2021 APSA Methods Café. The topic was “Field Research in COVID Contexts.” Learn more about the Methods Café and other “table” topics here.

Our talk with a University of Michigan graduate seminar

September 2021

We joined Professor Yuen Yuen Ang at the University of Michigan in her graduate seminar on Qualitative and Mixed Methods. We had a great time answering the students’ questions and even got some valuable feedback on our project!

Check out this episode of Ufahamu Africa

September 2021

Lahra Smith is featured in this episode of Ufahamu Africa, a podcast about life and politics in Africa. Listen to the podcast here.


Feature in APSA Migration & Citizenship Newsletter

May 2021

The American Political Science Association’s Spring 2021 Newsletter on Migration and Citizenship featured our project! Read the newsletter here or by clicking the image on the left.

Read our blurb in the QMMR Fall 2020 Newsletter

Fall 2020

We shared information about our website and project in the Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (QMMR) Fall 2020 Newsletter. Check it out  here.