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Gale Primary Sources – Archives Unbound

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Since its inception in 2009, the Archives Unbound program has published more than 500 collections. The roots of the program are in microfilm, and offers targeted collections of interest to scholars engaged in scholarly research.

Particular strengths in the Archive Unbound program include U.S. foreign policy; U.S. civil rights; global affairs and colonial studies; and modern history. Broad topic clusters include: African American studies; American Indian studies; Asian studies; British history; Holocaust studies; LGBT studies; Latin American and Caribbean studies; Middle East studies; political science; religious studies; women’s studies; and more. The Archives Unbound program consists of more than 300,000 documents totaling more than 13 million pages. Individual collections in the program range between 1,200 and 200,000 pages.

– taken from the Gale Primary Sources – Archives Unbound website

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Government and official records; Periodicals; Personal correspondence and writing; Photos, prints, and drawings; Diplomatic correspondence