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Event Title:

Pan-African Symposium on Digital Learning in Global Africa

Event Description:

“The Howard University Department of African Studies will host an international virtual symposium on Digital Learning in Global Africa During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic, on October 21 and 22, 2021. The Department plans the symposium in collaboration with the Title VI Center for African Studies at Howard University; the Howard University Department of World Languages and Cultures; the Howard University Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communication; the Howard University Center for Women and Gender Studies; the Thabo Mbeki African School of Public & International Affairs (TM-School) South Africa; the Bowie State University Department of History & Government; Distance Education for Africa (DeAfrica); and the State of the African Diaspora.

The purpose of the Symposium is to enable scholars, researchers, and Higher Education Executives from the African continent and the Global African Diaspora (GAD) to critically reflect on the challenges and opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for higher learning and research on the continent of Africa, in the Caribbean, and in the African American community. It is also to enable the participants to explore concrete and innovative ways in which institutions in these Global African regions can utilize digital technology to meet the challenges and seek ways to improve teaching, learning, and research.

Paper Proposal Submission Deadline: July 15, 2021

Submit your paper via the Paper Submission Form and register via the Conference Registration Form below.”

Event Date:

October 21–22, 2021

Sponsoring Organization:

Howard University Department of African Studies