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Interpretivist Methods Clinic

Event Title: Interpretivist Methods Clinic Event Description: “The Interpretivist Methods Clinic is evolving! Please join us for the October 26th meeting as we develop community goals for the next iteration of the virtual community.” Event Date: October 26, 2021 Sponsoring Organization: WPSA Virtual Communities Link: October 26th is the first Read more…

Tools of the Trade

Event Title: Tools of the Trade Event Description: “Tools of the Trade is a lunchtime series on the last Friday of the month, by Researchers for Researchers, in collaboration with ACENET. The idea is to share knowledge and make connections with and between researchers in Atlantic Canada, who are interested Read more…

APSA Methods Café

Event Title: APSA 2021 Methods Café Event Description: “The 2021 APSA theme, “Promoting Pluralism,” encourages political scientists to embrace methodological pluralism in their study of political, economic, and social upheavals and significant transformations that are occurring across the globe. Given the emphasis of methodological diversity, our proposed Methods Café brings Read more…

COVID-19 and Fieldwork: Challenges and Solutions

Krause, P., Szekely, O., Bloom, M., Christia, F., Daly, S. Z., Lawson, C., Marks, Z., Milliff, A., Miura, K., Nielsen, R., Reno, W., Souleimanov, E.A., & Zakayo, A. (2021). COVID-19 and fieldwork: Challenges and solutions. Political Science & Politics, 1–6. Cambridge University Press. https://doi.org/10.1017/S1049096520001754

Field-based Sciences Must Transform in Response to COVID-19

Scerri, E.M.L., Kühnert, D., Blinkhorn, J., Groucutt, H.S., Roberts, P., Nicoll, K., Zerboni, A., Orijemie, E.A., Barton, H., Candy, I., Goldstein, S.T., Hawks, J., Niang, K., N’Dah, D., Petraglia, M.D., & Vella, N.C. (2020). Field-based sciences must transform in response to COVID-19. Nature Ecology Evolotuion 4, 1571–1574. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41559-020-01317-8